Saturday, February 10, 2007

Subway... Eat Fresh And Kosher

With more than 27,100 locations in 85 countries, the Subway restaurant chain is the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise. It has even surpassed the number of McDonald’s locations throughout the United States, Canada, and most recently, in Australia and New Zealand.

Recently a glatt kosher Subway franchise opened in Brooklyn’s Avenue J shopping district. The first ever-kosher Subway opened at a Cleveland JCC less than a year ago. Seeing how successful it turned out, storeowners Jack Mosseri and Morris Amkie bought the rights to use the Subway trademark name and logo for a second glatt kosher Subway store.

On the heels of the trans-fat ban, New Yorkers are becoming more health-conscious than ever. Gone are the days of Jews flocking to eateries that dish out oily, fatty foods. “The Jewish community needs a place to eat fresh, clean, healthy food,” Mosseri explained to The Jewish Press
Despite being surrounded by established and popular restaurants (some that also specialize in deli sandwiches), Subway remains unconcerned. Mosseri differentiates the eateries saying, “We do absolutely no frying here; you will not be served oily fries.” Kosher Subway offers an impressive menu of turkey, pastrami, corned beef and meatballs sandwiches that can be prepared on whole wheat bread. The only difference between a regular Subway branch and the one on Avenue J is that no cheese or soy products are used.

When asked if there is anything authentically “Jewish” about this Subway, Mosseri responded, “Yes, Jewish people love meat, so we pile on more corned beef and pastrami than your average Subway.”

In addition to health, Subway takes kashrus very seriously too. Their mashgiach is Isaac Levy and they are overseen by Rabbi Gornish. Going further than the Cleveland kosher Subway, the Brooklyn kosher Subway stresses that they are “100% Orthodox.” Surprisingly, the Cleveland kosher Subway’s owner is not Jewish rather a Lebanese Christian and he tries to mimic the original Subway’s menu as much as possible having smoked turkey instead of ham and soy-based mock cheese.

The response to the glatt kosher Subway has been positive. In fact, business has been booming to such a degree that the owners of Subway have not even had the chance to publicize their grand opening. The owners humorously expressed their concern about more business since currently they are serving food at their capacity. Mosseri clarifies saying, “No bread, no business.” Subways bakes fresh bread about every 40 minutes; they take pride in their high quality bread and do not want to compromise and have their customers settling for less than fresh bread.

Kosher Subway has become so popular that another one is scheduled to open in April 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Subway franchises are found worldwide, including one branch in N.J. that serves halal meat. There are over 300 Subway restaurants in the Middle East, however currently there are no Subway branches in Israel. For more information visit

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